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Are you feeling stuck?

Sometimes it can feel like:

  • You are all alone, and no one has a clue what it feels like to be you
  • Your anxieties may feel so bad  that you feel unable to cope with even the most straightforward things
  • You can never be good enough, no matter how hard you try; and this can be exhausting!

If this sounds like how you are feeling right now, maybe it is time to get some professional help.  Counselling can help in lots of ways:

  • Sharing your difficulties in a a safe place will help you to feel understood and you will soon start to see how things can change for you.
  • Through counselling we will be able to unravel the problems you are experiencing and find new ways of looking at them, leading to the freedom and control you want over your life.
  • Old, unhelpful thought patterns that have been keeping you from being happy will be challenged, and you will find new ways of thinking as you start to discover what you really want for yourself.

I’m Andrea, and I have helped individuals and young people just like you, who have struggled to cope with aspects of their lives and wanted things to change. Sometimes when things are difficult we keep hoping that they will get better, but without the right help, things can just get worse.

If you want to find out more about how counselling may help you, click here About Counselling.

And if you feel like you would like to get in touch to book a consultation, please fill in the contact form, and I will get back to you very soon  Counselling Enquiries and Booking