About Counselling

You may have received counselling  in the past, or perhaps this is the first time you have considered taking a very brave step to contact a therapist.  Whatever your reason for visiting  this site, I would like to reassure you that counselling can help you to gain a new perspective on the problems you may feel are overwhelming you.

Seeking support is a big step, and the thought of opening up to a stranger can make us feel vulnerable.  I  would like to reassure you that you will receive a warm welcome in a safe, compassionate and confidential space, with as much time as you need to explore what is going on for you.

Having an opportunity to talk in confidence with a professionally trained therapist, where you will be heard and understood, develops the therapeutic relationship. Through the care and support of a therapist, a way forward will be found.

I am committed to seeing you as a whole person with the complexities of what it is to be human. Through our work together I will be drawing on techniques that will empower you to overcome difficulties and to live a more free life.